Bill & Sonia Shaw, Missionaries to Democratic Republic of Congo
About Bill and Sonia:

We want to thank all of our NWMN partners who have made an impact with us on the continent of Africa for the past 30 years. Together we are "planting trees under whose shade we will never sit."

After 15 years in the nation of Chad and before that in Ghana, we now work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We headquarter out of the city of Lubumbashi, in the southeastern corner of this Central African nation. From this city of 2M inhabitants, we partner with the Congo AG to develop a new network of Bible school extension campuses. This initiative, started in 2007, has the goal of establishing an effective pastoral training delivery system throughout the country. There are currently over 17 extension centers in the DR Congo serving more than 400 students.

This is a pressing need in the DR Congo, as many churches have been started but pastors lack the necessary training. In one region, for example, there are over 150 churches but only one trained pastor. We are developing the Lubumbashi Leadership Training Center where the teaching staff for these new Bible schools will earn a college-level degree, and where the next generation of church leaders for hte Eastern Congo will be shaped.

Our vision is to lay a stronger foundation for the Congo AG to develop their own missionary-sending capacity, and join other African churches as bona fide participants in the missionary mandate of the church. This is the Congo's hour. We wish to invest our energies, prayer, and 30 years of experience as African missionaries to multiply our own ministry by developing a high quality training program in the DR Congo.

Please pray for:
1. Continued political stability in the country after many years of civil war,
2. The serious financial need to finish the first construction phase of the "anchor" Bible schools located in each province and the training center in Lubumbashi, and
3. Discernment to know the strategic priorities that will produce the best results.