Dave & Sherry Harrison, NWMN Intercultural Connector
Email: daveh@northwestministry.com
About Dave and Sherry:

Dave and Sherry Harrison were approved as Assembly of God missionaries to Brazil in 1968.  Their ministry was directed toward isolated towns and willages in the Amazon region.  Dave and Sherry started a boat ministry which enabled ministers to evangelize and plant churches in some of the country's most isolated areas.

Dave Harison now serves as a Nationally Appointed U.S. Missionary in the post of Intercultural Connector for the Northwest Ministry Network.  Together Dave and Sherry are working with several different ethnic groups, especially immigrants.  Having themselves moved to a different country and needing to learn a new language and customs, they understand the needs of people new to our country.

You may contact the Harrison's at the Network Office in Snoqualmie - daveh@northwestministry.com