Mark & Reneé Barclift, Global University

About Mark and Reneé:

Dr. Mark and Renee Barclift are missionaries with a unique calling - the application of 21st century tools in the service of churches in a sensitive or restricted  countries.  Working with national churches and underground church networks, Mark designs and implements solutions for the persecuted church using the Internet, interactive technologies, traditional media, and other technologies for the purpose of evangelism, discipleship, and ministry training.

The Barclifts' non-traditional calling has led to the development of websites that receive more than 1.5 million hits per month., a multi-language website created for the online distribution of evangelism and discipleship courses has distributed more than 2 million courses.  Many of the seekers and believers visiting the website come from countries where traditional missionary work is prohibited.

Mark is currently leading the development of the online Iran Bible College!
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